Pale Green Ghost 🟢 : 

NVIDIA—finally—embraces open-sourcing its drivers for Linux, a long-lingering source of tension within the open-source community. And it may not be because of gamers or desktop users, either.


A User’s Guide to MidRange 📝 : 

As I’ve been doing a bit of site-moving of late, I wanted to honor some of MidRange’s best, most unusual pieces. Hope you agree.


Shout-Out to Todd Rundgren 🎸 : 

Discussing the sun-kissed violence around what is arguably Ozark’s best scene, one soundtracked by a Laura Nyro fanatic.


Pound of Flesh, Returned 💸 : 

The Intuit TurboTax settlement reflects a high-profile example of what happens when a company weasels out out something it agreed to do … at least for a while.


Resistance Through Inconvenience 😣 : 

If there’s something that you don’t want to do, the most effective way to prevent people from doing it is to make it so challenging and frustrating that no person will want to.


Free Speech Disconnect 💬 : 

A common explanation for how free speech works on the internet doesn’t seem to be connecting with the public. Perhaps we need to use a Tim Robinson sketch to make our case instead.


Dude, You’re Getting a CAMM 💻 : 

Pondering the unusual new kind of memory Dell randomly foisted onto the world this month. Despite rumors of its proprietary nature, it’s actually a smart idea.


The Path to Ridiculousness 📺 : 

Netflix is built around content that aims broad, rather than the more narrowly tailored stuff that builds passion but perhaps starts out with smaller audience bases. It needs to make the niche work in its favor—by making it good enough to pay a little extra for.


Lightning Sputters ⚡️ : 

Apple’s long-in-the-tooth approach to ports and charging cables is feeling pressure on all sides these days, including from a Brazilian judge.


New Slang 💬 : 

Taking a quick look at the world’s greatest FOIA request, an 83-page document listing the FBI’s attempt at capturing the internet’s slang.


A Belated Modern Embrace 🕹 : 

For decades, I wasn’t really much of a modern gamer at all. But now, I’m dipping my toes into a new area. Stress will do that to you.


Bad Subliminal Work 🍨 : 

The new Baskin-Robbins logo falls into the trap of trying to aim for a new demographic while not properly integrating visual elements that made their old look iconic.


The Room to Speak Up 💬 : 

Lost in our recent debates on free speech is the context around what created the circumstances for you to speak up. As long as that context is missing, the discussion will always remain hollow.


The Cult of Corporatism 👔 : 

Two hit shows on Apple TV+ have a hell of a lot to say about corporate culture right now, and it feels like just the right time to hear it … even if the source of said commentary is interesting.


Your Way Or The Highway 🍔️ : 

You might have heard Burger King is getting sued over the size of its burger patties. If you’re at all offended by this, do you think you would get absolutely anything from that class-action suit?


The Centralizer’s Lament 😥️ : 

The guy who helped created Twitter, Jack Dorsey, seems to be regretting his work around that these days. Is this an opportunity for the open internet to get back into the conversation?


Mark One Off ✅ : 

No, it’s not the world’s biggest deal that Google Docs now supports Markdown. But it certainly feels like a friendly nod to the numerous writers that use it.