Serial Disconnect 🎙 : 

Adnan Syed’s conviction was vacated, and a podcasting giant returns to the case after many years away. What should we make of the sour feelings some listeners have about Serial?


The Suicide Cable 🔌 : 

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission warns the public about a very specific kind of cable being sold on Amazon that has a telling nickname.


Work History Go Poof 💨 : 

Legendary tech journalist Kara Swisher reveals that even she is not immune to having her old work removed from the internet by short-sighted content management.


Pixelbook on Pause 💻 : 

Google’s decision to stop development on a new Pixelbook and disband the team working on the hardware line highlights how the strategy never gelled—despite the original model still having a head-turning design all these years later.


Wiki-Defense 📚 : 

A high-profile history and politics YouTuber takes direct aim at Wikipedia. I’ve taken my own jabs over the years—but I’ll be quick to defend it.


Mutiny on Dynamic Island 🏝 : 

Rather than minimizing its camera punch, The iPhone 14 Pro comes with a new user interface option to draw attention to it. Eh, here’s a hater’s take.


Assessing CloudFlare’s Hand ⛈ : 

CloudFlare lost the PR battle in the Kiwi Farms situation, in large part because it mostly ignored the legitimate concerns that led to the campaign in the first place.


Shrinkage 📱 : 

Understanding the odd status of the small phone, which Apple is moving away from and Android seems to finally be embracing once again. Carriers might be getting in the way of your next one-handed device.


Regulation Without Regulation ⛈ : 

If CloudFlare wants to stay out of content debates, it needs to reconsider its relationship with the government. Being a pseudo-governmental body is no longer enough.


An Optimization Too Far 🖼 : 

There is a genuine risk that search engine professionals will attempt to use AI images as an SEO tactic. We should prevent this from happening now, before it turns Google Image Search into mush.


Off-Grid Nerdery 🤓 : 

An interesting thing I’ve noticed about small talk in recent years: The more niche your interests are, the harder it is to have it. This one’s for the nerds not into Marvel.


The Other Slippery Slope 🛝 : 

Companies like CloudFlare often avoid trying to get involved in content issues out of a concern of setting off a slippery slope. But looking at their recent actions in the context of their original stated goals, it feels like they let something else more fundamental slide.


Don’t Mess With Mudge 🔓 : 

A shocking whistleblower report on Twitter’s security issues—from a legendary whistleblower—paints a company disinterested in repairing its significant infrastructure challenges.


Gimme Stelter 🗞️ : 

If CNN doesn’t want Brian Stelter, fine, whatever. But I think Brian Stelter is an important voice and our culture needs a place for a journalist who reports effectively on journalism.


Pizza Punchline 🍕 : 

The pizza chain Papa John’s sets itself up as a source of mockery by launching a new product while implying pizza is somehow in decline.


If You Love a Newsletter, Set It Free 🕊 : 

A suggestion to Substack, which seems to get upset whenever a popular paid newsletter leaves its platform for outside pastures: Don’t get mad when people leave.


We Can Harness AI to Create New Things 🖼 : 

A lot of ink has been spilled on the potential destructive effects of AI-based art. But in the hands of the right kind of creator, it can actually expand their reach—rather than shrink it.


Toys, Take Two 🚂 : 

Toys “R” Us gets a second lease on life in Macy’s locations across the country. It may not match the chain’s former glory, but at least they held on somehow.

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