Fake Leg Empire 🦵 : 

Why is Meta spending so much money trying to make legs happen? And what lessons can you learn from this so that your own projects maintain a reasonable scale?


The Plastic McRib? 🎃 : 

McDonald’s brings back one of its standby Happy Meal classics just in time for Halloween, which makes one wonder why they got rid of them in the first place. They should offer them every year from now on.


Burning the Beans ☕️ : 

The ready-to-retire Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz has had a respectable career, but his hard-line stance against unionization, and the fact that he’s making it about him, seems destined to leave a permanent mark on his legacy.


No More Walled Gardens 🪴 : 

Amid Twitter’s forthcoming purchase, I find myself wondering if platforms like Substack, which appear to be moving in a walled-garden direction, can be discouraged from doing so for the public good. We saw the mistakes of the Web 2.0 era. No need to repeat them.


The Power to Change Things 🏛 : 

Contrasting the tough actions of the FCC in light of a Supreme Court case that potentially threatens Section 230. It’s a great reminder of the power the government wields to change our communications.


Why I Signed ✍️ : 

A quick explanation of why I broke a decades-old rule for myself and signed an open letter to support libraries and the Internet Archive.


Fast Hack 🔓 : 

The popular business magazine Fast Company is smarting from a brutal hack this week—an incident that highlights the need for stronger security, but also a strong dose of empathy.


It Came From an Old Patch 🐞 : 

A decades-old workaround in the Linux kernel held back the full potential of modern AMD chips—until recently, when it was caught by AMD.


Shoryuken Slots 🕹 : 

Trying to make sense of the fact that the Virginia Lottery now offers an online lottery game based on Street Fighter II.


Not Too Artificial 🖼 : 

Getty Images sets a line in the sand on AI-generated images, citing copyright concerns. The image it presents of itself to its customers might also be a factor.


Serial Disconnect 🎙 : 

Adnan Syed’s conviction was vacated, and a podcasting giant returns to the case after many years away. What should we make of the sour feelings some listeners have about Serial?


The Suicide Cable 🔌 : 

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission warns the public about a very specific kind of cable being sold on Amazon that has a telling nickname.


Work History Go Poof 💨 : 

Legendary tech journalist Kara Swisher reveals that even she is not immune to having her old work removed from the internet by short-sighted content management.


Pixelbook on Pause 💻 : 

Google’s decision to stop development on a new Pixelbook and disband the team working on the hardware line highlights how the strategy never gelled—despite the original model still having a head-turning design all these years later.


Wiki-Defense 📚 : 

A high-profile history and politics YouTuber takes direct aim at Wikipedia. I’ve taken my own jabs over the years—but I’ll be quick to defend it.


Mutiny on Dynamic Island 🏝 : 

Rather than minimizing its camera punch, The iPhone 14 Pro comes with a new user interface option to draw attention to it. Eh, here’s a hater’s take.


Assessing CloudFlare’s Hand ⛈ : 

CloudFlare lost the PR battle in the Kiwi Farms situation, in large part because it mostly ignored the legitimate concerns that led to the campaign in the first place.


Shrinkage 📱 : 

Understanding the odd status of the small phone, which Apple is moving away from and Android seems to finally be embracing once again. Carriers might be getting in the way of your next one-handed device.


Regulation Without Regulation ⛈ : 

If CloudFlare wants to stay out of content debates, it needs to reconsider its relationship with the government. Being a pseudo-governmental body is no longer enough.