The Best of MidRange ⏲ : 

A few of the many issues that MidRange has featured over the past two years. Not every issue was perfection, but these 10 were pretty good.


Does Rhythm Have Limits? 🥁 : 

As MidRange winds down this week, I take a look back at an early thesis of mine—that building a strong rhythm is is the secret to creative work.


Fanning the Future 💨 : 

A new type of cooling device for laptops and small computers could help make noisy fans obsolete—but one hopes it does so in old machines too, not just the latest and greatest.


Build in Public 🔧 : 

I’m not really the kind of person who wants to hide what he’s creating, so let’s just show it off. I’m laying out my cards for my future plans for for MidRange’s replacement in this post.


Post-Virality 🦠 : 

My next project is going to focus on what I call a “post-viral” form of social media. As I build, I’d like to explain what that is real quick. It matters.


Out of Touch 👉 : 

Apple apparently is thinking about throwing out a stance so sacred it arguably led them in the wrong direction with their laptops for about half a decade. The Macs may finally get touch.


Old Metrics in the New Society 📈 : 

Measuring fediverse-style social networks like Mastodon based on traditional metrics like daily active users doesn’t make sense because maximizing user counts is not the goal. Building a sustainable network is.


No Mo Noma 🧆 : 

The Danish fine-dining institution is closing its doors at the end of next year in favor of a less aggressive business model. The model has some serious labor problems that have emerged in recent years.


MagSafe Standard 🧲 : 

Apple wins unexpected goodwill after handing its MagSafe technology for mobile devices to the operators of the Qi wireless charging standard. It’s an excellent template for Apple to innovate while avoiding regulatory scrutiny.


Lifetime Half-Life 💾 : 

A popular video application gains a whiff of scandal after ending a “free lifetime updates” policy midstream—and it’s not the only example of a lifetime license falling by the wayside over time.


Senioritis 🎓 : 

MidRange is ending. I’m graduating from this newsletter. But not for another month. I think announcing its death early might just be the kick in the pants it needs as a creative project.


Why the Long Tail Didn’t Work 🐊 : 

Our pick for best blog post this year comes from a music-industry writer who found something troubling about an industry trend.


Reshaping A Drummer’s Legacy 🥁 : 

An uncomfortable retelling of a beloved rock star’s life soon after his passing offers insights few stories of its nature can—and it’s for that nature, despite said discomfort, that we rank it as MidRange’s feature article of the year.


August and Everything After 🎸 : 

To start off the 2022 MidRange Awards, we give a nod to a guitarist who has taken music YouTube by storm over the last two years—all out of a sincere hatred of terrible pop songs.


White Elephant 🐘 : 

A Web 3.0 company purchases Mastodon’s second-largest instance just before Christmas. What does that say about federated social media, anyway?


The Challenge of Correctness 📚 : 

A famed YouTuber reveals that a famous fact he uncovered is in fact totally wrong—and hires an archivist to do cleanup.


The Mental Block 🧠 : 

This past weekend was assuredly the most chaotic in the history of social media, and all based on the whims of a hyperactive decisionmaker. I don’t know about you, but my brain is shredded.


Let’s Revue ✍️ : 

Revue is shutting down, and as MidRange started on Revue, I feel a certain way about it—especially after learning that Revue’s owner also wants Substack.


Unfulfilling Pi 🥧 : 

When a recent controversy blew up around the Raspberry Pi, the foundation implied shortages created a charged atmosphere. That might be an under-admission of culpability, but the fact is, high Pi prices and low availability are making x86 look good right now.

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