Don’t Fall Into The Well 🪣 : 

New social media networks put a lot of work into onboarding you with cool features. But what truly matters is what those networks look like over time—and open looks better than closed.


The Signs, They Aren’t A-Changin’ ✍️ : 

Bob Dylan learns the hard way that if you duplicate your autographs in a $600 book using an autopen, you will get called out for it. This is a story about the failures of capitalism, really.


Bobbing For Leaders 🐭 : 

Bob Chapek’s departure from Disney was a bit of a surprise—but not as big of a surprise as his replacement, Bob Iger. What the heck happened?


This is Your Escape Hatch 🚪 : 

If you’ve had an unhealthy relationship with social media for a while, the past month could offer an opportunity for a reset. Don’t miss it.


Is Mastodon Fetch? 🍖 : 

As we close out the pop-up newsletter, let’s talk about the haters for a second here. Do they have a point? Or, are they missing the point?


With Mastodon, You Have Choices 🗳 : 

While Mastodon releases features at a regular clip, its nature as an open-source tool means that you can ignore them if you’d like, or add your own. That’s a refreshing shift from closed social networks.


The Infernal September 📅🔥 : 

The case that what Mastodon is experiencing isn’t so much an Eternal September but a trial by fire. Get to know the term “Infernal September.”


Does Mastodon Need a Buffer? 🗓 : 

Breaking down a few more of the nagging Mastodon questions you might have—including why tools to schedule your posts aren’t common just yet.


This is a Mastodon Pop-Up 🐘 : 

So, we’re doing something different for the next week or two, and we’re sacrificing MidRange for the task. The reason? There’s a heckuva lot of confusion about the suddenly popular Mastodon. Maybe we can help.


Past the Personality Cults 🗿 : 

Many people on Twitter seem to be looking past the network they’ve made their digital home for more than a decade. I wonder if it’s because the cult of personality spell has been broken.


Crocheting on a Tightrope 🧶 : 

The challenge of real-time reporting is that doing it well is really hard. But coming up with some made-up facts about the victim of a crime? That’s the easy part.


See What Sticks 🤑 : 

Elon Musk appears to be taking a “let’s see what we can get away with” approach to running the large social network he just bought. Whiplash impending.


Normalize Imperfection 🫶 : 

John Fetterman, managing an auditory processing disability caused by a stroke, should be appreciated for the bravery of what he did on the Pennsylvania Senate debate stage the other night.


Splitting the AI Fork 🍴 : 

Not long after Getty Images comes out against AI-generated art, a major competitor decides to wholeheartedly embrace it—including as a source for royalties.


Pulling a Bono 📲 : 

In its fight to win some ground on the messaging ecosystem, Google appears to be intentionally borrowing from the stupidest idea U2 ever came up with—upsetting the iPhone user base.


Meet Lex ✍️ : 

The new AI-helped word processor Lex has been getting a lot of attention this week, and I have to admit I was curious how the word processor felt about all the attention, so I did an interview. With Lex.


Dressing Up The News 🥗 : 

On Olivia Wilde, Kanye West, and why a solid news diet needs to go beyond special salad dressing. Not every important story will have an interesting hook.

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