Tripping Into Dumb Luck 🥛

Why the viral #CrateChallenge actually turned out to be a motivator to finally push a milk-crate-related project I’ve been developing onto the open internet.

My new single-serving site,

So for weeks, in bits and pieces, I’ve been throwing together a new project of mine,, about the evolution of the milk crate. It basically exists as a transparent attempt to see if a valuable domain name can move the needle on search engines by talking about a niche topic and covering it really well—an experiment that I plan to write about in full in the coming weeks.

This has been a project of mine for a while, and one that I’ve been looking forward to finishing. But I got a pretty quick kick in my butt this week after the Milk Crate Challenge went viral. I was not expecting anything to go viral while I was working on this long-term project, but I rushed to get something online once I saw the challenge was kicking.

Now, to be clear, you should not do the Milk Crate Challenge, no matter how much fun it looks. It is an absurdly dangerous challenge that stretches what most milk crates are designed to do. They hold things really well, but they were not built for standing. People weigh significantly more than a milk crate was designed to carry. Another factor: Milk crates are often stacked loosely, making them not the greatest for structural integrity. On top of all that, at as many as 12 inches high, milk crates are significantly taller than most steps (which average 7.5 inches high), which makes them an obvious trip hazard.

So when the inevitable result happens—people fall on their asses—the result is both obvious and comical. These folks know they’re threatening themselves with injuries in an effort to walk on milk crates, but they want some of that viral gold at the same time. Might as well make it easy.

In a way, I was aiming for a similar sort of viral gold by trying to launch a website around this domain name.But I was starting to wonder if I would ever launch it, with all the other things I was working on. I was getting fussy with the design, because that’s what I do. 

But the thing that finally set me into motion was seeing something happening in the real world involving milk crates gave me the desire to finish it up. Now, to be clear—I have no idea if this domain I bought is even going to work.

I’m just glad I had a motivator to finally get something, anything online. Perfect is the enemy of good, and just like those stacks of milk crates going viral on TikTok, nobody’s thinking about perfection when it comes to walking on milk crates.

Time limit given ⏲: 30 minutes

Time left on clock ⏲: 2 minutes, 29 seconds

Ernie Smith

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