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Editor’s Note

Editor’s Note
By Ernie Smith • Issue #195 • View online
We’re leaving Revue for an alternate path. It’s not personal, unless that person just purchased Twitter for tens of billions of dollars.

Hi all, after a solid year and three months of running this newsletter on Revue, with nearly 200 issues to its name, I have made the decision to move this newsletter to another host.
The archives will stay up for now, and I encourage you to continue to sign up at the box above as I will continue to keep an eye out for new subscribers, but for the time being, new issues will be published through EmailOctopus, a platform I have used for many years. I am still deciding next steps beyond that, but ultimately I want to be comfortable with where I publish my content. But because of some recent news involving Revue’s parent company, I am not with this particular solution.
Please do not see this as commentary on Revue as a product or Revue as a team—members of which I know personally and I know are amazing people who really care about the newsletter field. If you are OK with the new bosses, I highly recommend the service. I just can’t square it. So I’m making the leap.
From now on, please whitelist [email protected] in your email tool of choice to ensure that you keep getting these 30-minute thought bombs. If you’re subscribed, the next one is hitting your inbox in just a little bit.
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Ernie Smith

Hot takes in 30 minutes or less. A newsletter with an unforgiving deadline, written by Ernie Smith—who’s best known for another newsletter, Tedium.

Three times a week (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday). Hope I hit the 30-minute deadline. ⏲

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